ABBA Tribute Show ‘Masters Of The Scene’ Headlines at Royal Ascot 2024!

Our ABBA tribute show, Masters of the Scene, had the honour of headlining the main Village Enclosure stage at Royal Ascot this year, for the Thursday, Friday and final Saturday nights. It was an experience that left both the audience and us exhilarated!

The iconic setting of Royal Ascot, known for its prestige and grandeur, provided the perfect backdrop for our performances. As we took to the stage each time, the energy was electric. From the opening chords of “Voulez-Vous” to the final notes of “Dancing Queen,” the crowd was with us every step of the way, singing and dancing with unbridled joy.

The response from the audience was nothing short of spectacular. Seeing thousands of fans (a capacity audience 10,000 on the final night!), dressed in their finest, embracing the spirit of ABBA was a sight to behold. Even our Bjorn joined in at one point with a beautiful hat donated by an audience member! The sea of smiling faces and the thunderous applause after each song made it clear that Masters of the Scene had struck a chord with everyone present.

We poured our hearts into every performance, and the feedback we received has been overwhelming. Fans expressed how our renditions of ABBA classics transported them back to the golden era of pop music. Many told us that they felt like they were at a genuine ABBA concert, reliving timeless memories.

For us, the experience was profoundly moving. Being able to perform at such a prestigious venue and connect with so many people through the music of ABBA was a dream come true.

Our setlist was carefully curated to include all the beloved hits, and we could feel the anticipation and excitement build with each song. From the harmonious melodies of “Mamma Mia” to the all-out rock spectacular of “Eagle,” we aimed to capture the essence of ABBA’s brilliance. The cheers, the sing-alongs, and the spontaneous dance parties in the crowd showed us that we succeeded.

We are immensely grateful to Royal Ascot for giving us the platform to share our passion for ABBA’s music with such a large and appreciative audience. It’s moments like these that remind us why we do what we do – to bring joy, evoke memories, and celebrate the timeless music of ABBA.

To everyone who attended and made the three nights unforgettable, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your energy and enthusiasm fuelled our performances and made them shows to remember. We can’t wait to bring more ABBA magic to stages around the world, and we hope to see you all again soon.

Until then, keep dancing and keep the spirit of ABBA alive!

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With love,
Masters of the Scene

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